Advance Parole

While an adjustment application is pending, departing the United States without advance permission is considered abandonment. Certain exceptions exist for a person in the United States with valid H or L status (and their dependents) and for K-3 or K-4 visa holders. Advance parole cannot be granted to a person outside of the United States. 

Advance parole can be granted to a person whose adjustment application is pending if the person must leave the United States for “bona fide business or personal reasons.” The person applying for advance parole may be traveling for any reasons that are not against law or public policy. 

If granted advance parole, it will apply to multiple entries and exits and will be valid for the duration of the pendency of the adjustment of status application; however such pendency should not exceed one (1) year. 

A person applying for advance parole will become eligible for employment authorization when the application for advance parole is submitted.