I first met with Mr. Hazany in early 2009 concerning issues I had with an H1-B visa that was handled by a different firm. This initial consultation (which he didn’t charge me for) lasted almost two hours. He explained in great detail what my options were if I decided to pursue a different kind of work authorization. Not only did it become clear that my previous lawyer cut corners, but that the H1-B was not, given the type of work I do, the best fit as a visa. Given my interest in starting a company in Los Angeles and the kind of work maneuverability I was looking for, he suggested I apply for the E2. Over the course of that year, Leon was there every step of the way not only in the paperwork and application process, but in the formation of the company. His help ranged from setting me up with a reputable accounting firm, to crafting the business plan. Furthermore, the kind of company I started is one that is difficult to define, let alone explain to US Immigration. The work on the package sent to the different agencies was exhaustive to the point where there wasn’t a question Immigration Officers could ask that wasn’t covered fully in the paperwork. I cannot recommend this law firm highly enough.

— L.G

My family met and spoke with 4-5 diffrent attorneys and Leon Hazany was the one attorney who made my family feel comfortable and gave us hope that everything would be alright he was very confident and professional and after reading all the testimonies online we chose him to help us and I thank God that he put him accross my family and my life. He always kept our spirits up and was always there to answer all our questions. What we thought was going to be a long process Leon managed to waive my deportation and have me released in 3 months with what is called cancellation of removal. He was never afraid to attend to all my hearing even though he had to fly to a different state. 

He changed my life in many ways and thanks to Leon Hazany I’m still in the U.S with my family and friends! I have changed my life around and I’m currently going to college and staying out of trouble. If any one is going through what my family and I went through and think there is no hope you should meet with Leon Hazany he was our hope and he did not let us down.

— J.O.

Leon is a master of his craft! I am a recent graduate student from USC and wanted to stay in Los Angeles upon completion of my degree. 

The process of going from a student status to a more permanent one was intimidating to say the least. There was a plethora of options and I wanted to know which would be best for my needs. My main concern was that I did not want to be at the mercy of any corporate sponsorship. I met with a handful of lawyers who offered me a free consultation, but all of them made me feel rushed and unimportant. Not one of them suggested an E-2 visa, which is what Leon suggested and what I currently have. I couldn’t be happier with his service. I know a number of people who had to go through at least two lawyers to get the correct visa, and skeptical me, I was prepared to do the same. 

Fortunately though, Leon’s acumen is second to none.

— M.G.

As a young child my mom moved the two of us to U.S. from Mexico in search of a better life. I completed school all the way through high school. That’s when I met my husband. It was a typical romance, I fell very much in love and of course I accepted when he proposed marriage. After our wedding my life changed dramatically. My husband became verbally and physically violent. Even minor issues such as cooking a dish that he did not want to eat that night could set him off. I was very scared, but felt trapped because my husband threatened to have me deported if I ever told anyone about the abuse. I was terrified to be separated from my mom and from the only country I had ever known as my home. It took some time, but I was finally able to build up to the courage to escape the abuse. I was still scared that my husband would have me deported so I tried speaking with some immigration attorneys. Leon Hazany made me feel safe and assured. He educated me about the Violence Against Womens Act which can permit women situations similar to mine to apply for permanent resident status. Leon helped me every step of the way, giving me the strength to get through it. When I received my “Green Card” I was amazed, I felt safe and empowered, something I had not felt in a very long time.

— E.G.

For thirty years I was discriminated against, violently attacked, ridiculed and persecuted in my home country solely due to my sexual orientation. After enduring this for years and witnesses other members of the GLBT community endure it also, I could not tolerate it any more and began to openly speak out against the government practices underlying the persecution. That is when I was beaten and nearly killed by the police. I had no choice but to flee to the United States in search of refuge. I met with several immigration attorneys about my case, but I was discouraged from applying for asylum and did not feel comfortable proceedings with them. I also met with Leon Hazany who offered a no-charge consultation. Right away I felt confident in him because Leon had handled numerous cases similar to mine. He listened to what I had to say and made me feel comfortable to fully open-up about my experiences. He had the experience and information that I knew would be needed to win the case. Leon helped me submit my asylum application package to USCIS. He was there for me throughout the process and even introduced me to a Professor who was an expert on the treatment of the GLBT community in my home country. Leon was there for me at the asylum interview as well. When my asylum application was approved, I was ecstatic. I felt a sense of safety and freedom that I had never experienced before. Even though I am in the U.S. now I continue with and have even been able to increase my activism in support of gay and lesbian community back home.

— N.B.

I was a lawful permanent resident for nearly a decade when an Immigration Judge ordered that I deported after my attorney filed the wrong application with his court. I had trusted my attorney and he had betrayed that trust. I immediately switched to a new attorney to help me appeal the deportation order to the BIA, but that appeal was denied. I had thirty days to decide if I was going to take the case any further. I had already spent thousands of dollars and had lost not only that, but also lost my hope. I believed that I was going to lose my wife, my kids, my home and my job. My Church members gave me hope and encouraged me not to give up. That is when I met Leon Hazany. Leon advised me that I had been denied my right to a fair hearing in the first place and that my case had been mishandled at all stages. Leon was able to have my deportation order thrown out and I was given a new Immigration Court hearing where my application to remain in the U.S. with everything that I treasured was approved. I will never forget the miracle that Leon did for my family and me.

— C.O.