O Visas – Individuals of Significant Ability

O Visas are issued to individuals who have significant ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics and who has demonstrated extraordinary achievement in such field. If the applicant is involved in the television or motion picture industry, the person must demonstrate a record of extraordinary achievement. The applicant must also declare his/her intent to remain only temporarily in the United States. 

Extraordinary achievement indicates a level of expertise which indicates that the person is at the forefront of his/her field; for those in science, education, business, or athletics, this is commonly demonstrated through awards, membership in organizations that demonstrate such achievement, published material about the applicant’s work in the field, a high salary in the professional’s field, and a record of employment in a critical position at a recognized company. For applicants whose work is in the arts, common ways to prove extraordinary achievement include being nominated or recipient of an award of national or international significance such as an Academy Award, Grammy, Emmy, or Director’s Guild Award. If such evidence cannot be provided, there are additional criteria which can be fulfilled by evidence.