P Visas – Sports Teams and Entertainment Groups

P visas are available to minor league professionals, entertainers, and internationally recognized entertainment groups. International recognition is demonstrated through a person or group’s skills being leading or well-known in more than one country, often shown through international engagements or publicity. P visas are meant to be temporary; the applicant must demonstrate intent to return to the country in which s/he resides. The applicant must be entering the United States to participate in a competition, event, or performance. 

Athletes who apply for P-1 visas must also demonstrate that the team or athlete is internationally recognized, that the athletic competition which s/he is applying to participate in has a distinguished reputation, and that the athletic competition requires participation of an athlete/team with an international reputation. Minor and amateur athletes must fulfill additional requirements. 

Entertainment groups applying for a P-1 visa need to show that the group is internationally recognized for a substantial amount of time and that 75% of the members of the group have had a continuous and considerable relationship to the group for one year. Additionally, the applicant must evidence having performed with the group for at least one year, received reviews in major publications or other critical or commercial success, and attach a list of members and dates those members were employed by the group. 

An applicant must apply for a P visa within one year of the event in which s/he will perform or participate. Applicants are also required to include written contracts or summaries of oral contracts to demonstrate their engagements in the United States.